Akara brings you the very best farm-direct coffee experience from India

Akara Coffee can trace its roots back to the royal Mysore family of India, which has a rich heritage in the Coffee business that dates back over three generations. The Mysore family gets its title ‘Mysore’ from the Wodeyar dynasty which ruled the kingdom of Mysore from 1399 to 1950.

Two cousins, the late M.L Sreenivasa Shetty (pictured below), and M.K Sreenivasa together with other family members developed a common passion for creating artisanal coffee during the British rule of India. The family started to cultivate coffee estates, build roasteries and started to trade coffee around the world. The business soon became self-sustainable and quickly scaled production in Chikmagalur which is located in the belt of the Western Ghats mountain range in South India.

Branching Out
Akara Coffee was born out of a casual conversation between third generation cousins who felt that South Indian coffee was relatively unknown outside of India and that the world needed to take notice of the incredible coffee culture. We are now providing you the opportunity to taste the best farm-direct coffee from our Mahalgode estate.

Our Ethos
We strive to implement strict quality controls during the entire process. We cup taste our coffees endlessly to ensure that you receive a consistent product that highlights the delicate nuances of each and every bean.

We take pride in responsibly sourcing our coffees, ensuring that each bag meets our high standards. We believe these strict criteria allow us to source, roast, and deliver the best South Indian coffee beans possible.

We proudly stand behind all of our coffees and know our customers will taste the difference.

We believe that great coffee can lead to an even greater purpose!

Meet The Team




Roshan always had a flair for coffee, even though he lived thousands of miles away from his family-owned coffee estates, he was always connected to the family coffee estates. Roshan knew that Indian coffee culture was always rich in history and wanted to bring this experience from the family farms to the US.




Shubha is a creative Architect and designer by trade but also comes from a family of passionate coffee growers. While living in the US for a few years, Shubha decided to return to India and pursue her heritage while also bringing Indian coffee culture to the US.




Raj's love for coffee has driven him to try coffee from all over the world, coming from South India, he has always had the vision to take the South Indian coffee culture to the next level.

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